Now I have moved North of the Border I hope to bring you a flavour of Scotland

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Scottish Independence Begins Again – Saturday 30th July 2016 – Glasgow

Hi, hope you are all well and enjoying your summer.  Unfortunately, July in the West of Scotland has been a wash out.  Hopefully August will be much better.

Today there was a March for Independence which started at the West End of the City and made its way to George Square.  It was great to see the flags back in the City as well as a few “well kent” faces in the crowds.  The March and Rally went off peacefully and what started as a wet morning turned into quite a nice afternoon.

I hope you like some of my pictures which are below.


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Glasgow’s Needy Needs Our Help

I would like to tell you story.  A story of a father and son’s mission to rid Glasgow of Poverty.  Andrew and Darren Carnegie run the Glasgow’s Needy Project and have been collecting and sharing food across the city for about 12 years or so.  When I was speaking to Andrew today I could feel the emotion coming from him and it nearly had me in tears.  He works with his son Darren tirelessly to try and do battle with the Authorites as well as the people of Glasgow to try and rid poverty as there are still families in this wonderful city of ours starving.  It is deplorable that in this day and age that this thing is still going on.

Over and above collecting each weekend at George Square they demonstrate by camping all night out in the cold and making themselves known to the City of Glasgow and the plight that has become what I can only say is a very sad reflection of what Glasgow has become.

He will be at George Square every Saturday and Sunday in the run up to Christmas collecting tinned food, dried foods, cereals, sauces, unopened toiletries, babies nappies and anything else that the generous people of our City wishes to donate.

I would like to plead with you that as we are coming closer to the Christmas Season that it would be lovely if donations of childrens’ hats, gloves, scarves and socks could also be donated.  They told me that they would also like selection boxes so that Santa can deliver to those poor wee mites.

They need as much help and support that is humanly possible.  We all need to get behind these two fabulous characters to make their dream come true.  Let Glasgow Flourish is our motto so come on let Glasgow Flourish with Pride.

Andrew and Darren can be followed on Facebook: : on Twitter: @darrencarnegie, @acarnegie69

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

AllisonDSCF6934 DSCF6935 DSCF6936

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The Night Before the Scottish Vote for Independence George Square Glasgow 17 September 2014

I am feeling very emotional this evening as it is the night before we Scottish people will go to the Polling Stations tomorrow to cast what will be the most important vote they have ever made.  I was back at George Square in Glasgow after work tonight where there were at least 2,000 Yes Voters and a handful of No Voters.  The Yes Voters in the Square had a very party atmospher going on but the No Voters just stayed by the City Chambers chanting their No Campaign Slogans while some of the Yes Voters on the other side of the road chanted back and sang Flower of Scotland.  There were more police men and women this evening as it looked as if it could have turned nasty but I think the whole demonstration went off quietly or as quietly as these things can go.

I have taken some more photographs for you to have a look at and as usual they are © 2014 of Allison Anne Munro.

I bid you all a very good night and let’s see what the future holds for Scotland.


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Yes Campaign Rally George Square Glasgow

I went along to the Yes Rally at George Square Glasgow after work to see what they had to offer and also be part of history.  Whatever the result I am proud to be part of it proud to be Scottish and proud that my vote will go towards the hisotry books, but that is something I will not share, my vote that is.

The campaign went very well with over 1500 people turning up to support the Yes Campaign.  I was told that it was supposed to be a ‘hug the no voters’ but as there did not appear to be any No Voters there  – well there was no hugging.

I hope you like my pictures and as usual they are all © 2014 Allison Anne Munro.

© 2014 Allison Anne Munro

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