Now I have moved North of the Border I hope to bring you a flavour of Scotland

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Scottish Independence Begins Again – Saturday 30th July 2016 – Glasgow

Hi, hope you are all well and enjoying your summer.  Unfortunately, July in the West of Scotland has been a wash out.  Hopefully August will be much better.

Today there was a March for Independence which started at the West End of the City and made its way to George Square.  It was great to see the flags back in the City as well as a few “well kent” faces in the crowds.  The March and Rally went off peacefully and what started as a wet morning turned into quite a nice afternoon.

I hope you like some of my pictures which are below.


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Self Described Loyalists – George Square Glasgow

The voting is over and the results are in and by now you will all know it was a NO to an Independent Scotland.  Whether you voted yes or no or whether you wanted Scotland to stay or go we should all respect one another but unfortunatley some people dont think so and tonight I was ashamed to be Scottish, ashamed that I had come back home just a couple of weeks before the vote, ashamed that I persuaded my partner of two years to settle down in my homeland.

A group of Loyalists invaded George Square and antagonised the Yes Voters.  Over the past week I have been in George Square and there was no real problems but tonight it was a different story.  I was told that some of the demonstrators arrived from Manchester and Liverpool whether this was right or not I dont know but I certainly did not like what I witnessed.  Whoever they were they were out to cause trouble and trouble they certainly caused.

What I did not like was the amount of kids and babies that were there.  I just hope what I witnessed tonight is not going to be what we will have to put up with for a while until all the hype settes down.

The Police had a hard time trying to control the mob.  They managed albeit at times I think they did struggle a bit.  I am proud of the Scottish Police.  I took cover at one point in Witherspoons, ordered a rather large glass of wine and sat down outside and watched what was going on across the road.  All I can say is, one of the Anti Referendum demonstrators recognised me and basically stared me out and muttered something distasteful under his breathe, I just left and went back to the Square where I met up with Alan who was in the thick of it.

I took a few photographs and I hope you like them.

Have a lovely weekend and will be back soon.

Allison Anne xxx

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