Now I have moved North of the Border I hope to bring you a flavour of Scotland

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Scottish Independence Begins Again – Saturday 30th July 2016 – Glasgow

Hi, hope you are all well and enjoying your summer.  Unfortunately, July in the West of Scotland has been a wash out.  Hopefully August will be much better.

Today there was a March for Independence which started at the West End of the City and made its way to George Square.  It was great to see the flags back in the City as well as a few “well kent” faces in the crowds.  The March and Rally went off peacefully and what started as a wet morning turned into quite a nice afternoon.

I hope you like some of my pictures which are below.


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2 Minute Silence in honour of those taken in Glasgow George Square on 22 December 2014

I went along to the vigil which was being held at Royal Exchange Square Glasgow.  It was a very cold Sunday afternoon but it was dry and the crowds flocked in their droves to the Square to pay their respects to the six people who lost their lives on Monday 22 December 2014 when they were mowed down in a horrific accident at George Square.  I was overwhelmed at the number of people who turned out today, young and old, it was freezing but that did not seem to deter the people who travelled into the City to lay flowers, light candles and just to reflect.  There were tears as well as laughter.  What did strike me was the smell of the candles burning.  They filled the air with a beautiful scent.  The flowers kept coming and the candles kept being lit. There was a report that there was somewhere in the region  of 1000 people who had taken time off their day to come and pay ther respects.  As the Square fell silent at 14.30 who could hear a pin drop.  It was very emotional.  Let us hope that the families who have been affected by this can take some solace of what went on today.  They will always be in our hearts.  I read a card which was left and it simply said, Please God, no more.  Glasgow has endured two Christmases were we have had two horrific accidents to contend with hopefully that will be the end of it.  Let Glasgow Flourish is the motto for this City so all we can do is pick ourselves up and heal.

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Glasgow – The Aftermath – 23 December 2014

As you have all probably seen on the news channels across the globe Glasgow was once again thrown into turmoil yesterday when the driver of a bin lorry lost control and careered along the road mowing down Christmas shoppers. The outcome was six people died and many severely injured.

Today I went into the City to see how the City was coping the day after the tragedy.  I went along to Royal Exchange Square where flowers were being laid.  I took some photographs but felt quite intrusive as people were taking a moment to reflect.  People came from their offices at lunch time, shoppers and people just going about their business to lay flowers and candles at what will be a place of reflection in days and weeks to come I think.

Two days before Christmas and people took time out to come along to pay their respects.  It was very humbling.  I was touched by many of these kind and sensitive soles as they paid their respects to all those caught up in this tragedy.  Children came as did the elderly all ages taking time out.

The police came along to lay flowers too which I found very emotional.

There was an eerie hush all around the City this morning.  Not what you would expect two days before Christmas Day.

George Square had switched off the lights and the Big Wheel and the fun fair rides were closed as a mark of respect.

This evenng as I past the restaurants and pubs around the square it was not like the festive season at all, there was nobody about it was like a ghost town.  I spoke to one of the securty guards who told me that the fun fair may open Boxing Day but he was not sure.  There is going to be a two minute silence taking place on Sunday to which I will be going but this has left me feeling very sad.  It has only been just a year ago when Glasgow had to cope with the helicopter crash which crashed into the Clutha Bar and now this.  But, we Scots are a resilaint people, we will rise above this and get back to normal whatever normal may be.

I have added a few pictures for you.

May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Allison xx

DSCF7713 DSCF7714 DSCF7715 DSCF7716 DSCF7719 DSCF7728 DSCF7753 DSCF7778 DSCF7785 DSCF7813

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Just to say Hello

Hi, off work with a fluy cold and dont know what to do so I thought I would just share some of my photographs I took a couple of weeks ago.  There was a parade through the Streets of Glasgow starting off the Christmas hi jinks and I took some photographs of the toys from the toy shop Hamleys as they passed by:  we all still have the ‘little kid’ in us when it comes to Christmas.

All photographs are  ©  of Allison Anne Munro and are not for editorial purposes.

Have fun   Allison  xx

DSCF7482.jpg 2 DSCF7486.psd edit DSCF7487.jpg edit DSCF7520.psd edit DSCF7521.psd edit DSCF7522.jpg edit DSCF7523.psd edit

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Glasgow’s Needy at George Square – Saturday 29 November 2014

I met with Andrew and Darren Carnegie today at George Square in Glasgow.  Darren was once again bringing to the attention of passers by the plight of the poor in Glasgow.  He was collecting more presents for the starving children and food for the hungry.  The pair work tirelessly for the needy in Glasgow.  They are up against a lot of people very anti them but they carry on regardless with a passion that is so strong when they talk to you, you can almost feel it.  I was not able to stay around and take many photos today but the short time I was with them it came to my mind that rising above them was a sign saying ‘People Make Glasgow’ and I thought if ‘people Make Glasgow’ why are there so many starving children and families that live below the breadline in some of the council estates outside the City Centre and people living rough in and around the City.  I also noticed there were more people begging on the streets and I did not like that as I feel in this day and age we should not have the social problems that we do.  I was horrfied at the pictures I saw in local and not so local Tesco stores yesterday.  The needy in Glasgow cannot afford to go to the sales and yet there were people with money who were grabbing items from folk and pushing and shoving it was awful and quite honestly embarrasing to watch human beings acting in this way.

Glasgow’s Needy’s motto is ‘End Poverty Now’ I hope and pray that they can.

All photographs are © of Allison Anne Munro and are not for editorial purposes.

Thank you


DSCF7647 DSCF7648

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Protestors Take to the Streets of Glasgow – 29 November 2014

Protestors took to the streets of Glasgow the day that Glasgow’s City Council managed to cancel an SDL (Scottish Defense League) March.  Hundreds of Protestors came from Unite, STUC, Unison, EIS, Glasgow Shipping Branch of RMT, the Scottish Palestine Soldarity Branch and a group Fighting State Racism.  I picked the march up at George Square and followed them up St Vincent Street into Hope Street then into Bath Street, turning right into Douglas Street and onto Sauchiehall Street ending up at Rose Street outside the Glasgow Film Theatre where they were going to have a rally.  The march went off peacefully with the usual Band at the front and the Pipers at the rear, well, no Scottish demo would be the same wthout a piper or two.

I hope you like my pictures and if you do please reblog.

All photographs are © of Allison Anne Munro and are not for editorial use.

Thank you


DSCF7558 DSCF7561 DSCF7563 DSCF7572 DSCF7574 DSCF7592 DSCF7596 DSCF7597 DSCF7601 DSCF7606 DSCF7611 DSCF7614 DSCF7617 DSCF7628 DSCF7629 DSCF7634


Glasgow Loves Christmas – Style Mile Christmas Carnival – Sunday 23 November

Glasgow City Centre came alive with festive fun today with The Style Mile Christmas Carnival which Heralded the launch of the festive shopping season.  This spectacular procession was led by a host of animated street performers interacting with the public along Glasgow’s Style Mile.  The carnival set off from St Enoch Centre and made its way along Argyle Street, Queen Street, St Vincent Place, West Nile Street and finishing at the top of Buchanan Street next to the Royal Concert Hall steps.  When it had finshed I went up to Sauchiehall Street where a few buskers were out playing their music.  Next week George Square will have the Ice Rink up and running with the big wheel taking pride and place in the Square which will complete Glasgow’s Winter Wonderland.

Christmas is coming!!!!!DSCF7466 DSCF7468 DSCF7470 DSCF7480 DSCF7485 DSCF7490 DSCF7491 DSCF7496 DSCF7499 DSCF7504 DSCF7505 DSCF7507 DSCF7508 DSCF7509 DSCF7518 DSCF7520 DSCF7521 DSCF7522 DSCF7523 DSCF7533 DSCF7535 DSCF7549