Now I have moved North of the Border I hope to bring you a flavour of Scotland

Scottish Independence Begins Again – Saturday 30th July 2016 – Glasgow

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Hi, hope you are all well and enjoying your summer.  Unfortunately, July in the West of Scotland has been a wash out.  Hopefully August will be much better.

Today there was a March for Independence which started at the West End of the City and made its way to George Square.  It was great to see the flags back in the City as well as a few “well kent” faces in the crowds.  The March and Rally went off peacefully and what started as a wet morning turned into quite a nice afternoon.

I hope you like some of my pictures which are below.


Author: allisonannemunro

I am happy with my camera at weekends. During the week I am a medical secretary but at weekends I am out and about with my camera trying to capture what is going on around the West of Scotland. I have relocated 2 years now from Manchester to Glasgow Time as gone in too quick. Hope you like my photos and blogs

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